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Dears (Volume 1-4)

 An alien spaceship crashed into Tokyo Bay and cannot return home. So the aliens become Japanese citizens and begin a home-stay program. They are given the name “Dears,” meaning “beloved friend.”

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Moon Phase (Volume 1-6)

“Beauty is the beast…”

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Chobits (Volume 1-7)

Imagine living in a world with computers that can be designed to look like toys, animals or even people.  They are called Persocoms. A poor boy named Hideki Motosuwa stumbles across a Persocom that he finds in the trash. When her new owner turns her on for the first time, Chi does not work properly. She has no memory. Without her operating system, Chi should not be able to be as aware as she acts. Hedeki teaches Chi to talk, cook, work and dress. He eventually discovers that Chi is a special Persocom, a Chobits.

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Hello world!

This is our very first post!