Here at Everything Otaku we try to bridge the gap between Video Games, Manga, and Anime.

While searching for reviews we tend to find most sites focus on only one of the above topics, as opposed to all three. Since many people who tend to enjoy both anime and manga also like games, we figured why not provide a one stop shop for all your review needs.

Additionally, most review sites tend to offer lengthy and somewhat unappealing reviews, which as we all know can get boring and tedious after a short period of time.

Thus Everything Otaku was born! We hope to deliver short but detailed reviews about your and our favorite anime, manga, and games, and to provide you all with an area to share your comments, opinions, and ideas.

Below You will find information regarding the crew of Everything Otaku, to better help you understand just what sort of warped individuals you’re dealing with <^-^>

Name: Misaka!

Age: 22

Sex: Female

Location: Chocolate Island (off the coast of cupcake heaven)

Occupation: What ever the hell she wants it to be!

Hobbies, anime, manga, video games, kicking small people, snacking on chocolate, having detailed conversations with a stuffed panda, capturing Butterflies!

Motto: Sometimes I gaze up at the night sky and think “If only i had a dragon .   . . ”

Name: Tori-san

Age: 28

Sex: Female

Location: Somewhere between here and Wonderland, “wherever the White Rabbit takes me!”(let us know if you find her!)

Occupation: Teddy Bear Doctor

Hobbies: Healing abandoned stuffed animals and giving them life, baking delicious treats with her very own secret ingredient, a touch of poison. It keeps them coming back for more!  And Creating Monstrosities! Tori-San likes anime, mangas, games, art, music, animals, cosplay, being creative.

Motto: Souls are tastier when you dip them in sugar! Lawl, lawl! ^_^   (rawr, rawr)







Name: Gold Ranger

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Location: Zordon’s Base (or Tim Hortons if the mood strikes)

Occupation: Defender of the Earth and slayer of monsters

Hobbies: Anime, Games, Battling enemies of justice, hanging out with other power rangers, coffee, driving different cars, partying.

Motto: I will defeat all those who threaten this world! . . . As long as it’s not on a weekend…

Name: Valfore

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Location: Wherever the Whiskey flows

Occupation: Professional disruptor of the peace

Hobbies: Drinking, Anime, Manga, Games, searching for a decent challenge, snacking on pizza, dagger juggling, napping, wandering the night.

Motto: When there’s a sword in your belly does it really matter if you remembered to take out the trash that morning?