The blood tablets aren’t working for Zero, they make him feel sick. He’s thirsting for Yuki’s blood!

Zero’s master had paid a visit to the school, and caught Zero trying to sink his fangs into Yuki! His master Toga Yagari decide it was best to keep Zero with Headmaster Cross, until he could control himself. Zero respects Toga Yagari, the vampire hunter. After all, he took care of Zero and his brother when they were young and he taught him to be a good vampire hunter.

Zero can’t control his cravings anymore. Every minute he’s around Yuki, it’s like he’s being tortured. Yuki can’t stand to see him this way, so she offers Zero her blood. She tries her best to keep it a secret, but Kaname and Toga can see right through her. Toga just wants what’s best for Zero, he doesn’t want him to give up on himself. So he ventured off, leaving Zero in the hands of Yuki. The agreement is that if Zero goes berserk at anytime, then Yuki is to shoot him; till he’s dead.

By Tori-San