Along, long time ago, a war had waged between vampires and humans. Some of them still don’t get a long to this day. But Headmaster Cross believes that there can be peace between vampires and humans. He had Cross Academy built, a school which is attended by two different groups of students. There’s the Day Class which consists of humans and the Night Class that consists of vampires.

Only a few people know about the vampires, Cross' adopted daughter Yuki and Zero. These two Disciplinary Committee Students make sure that the vamps stay in line when they pass by the Day Class, who are returning to their dorms. The Day Class students are taken in by the Night Class's students beauty, it's almost like they are celebrities. 

 Everything at Cross Academy was going according to plan, until two girls from the Day Class decided to sneak out of their dorm and try to take pictures of the Night Class students. In the process, one of the girls fell and scraped her knee. When trying to reach the two girls, Yuki, one of the school Guardians accidently cut her hand on a tree branch. Two of the vamps named Aido and Kain immediately  smelled the blood of Yuki and wandered in her direction.

 Aido became overwhelmed with the scent of Yuki's blood and began to drink from her hand. He didn't even care if the two girls form the Day Class saw him. Zero stopped Aido from finishing his snack. Then came Kaname Kuran, who took the vamps away for punishment. The two young girls were taken to Headmaster Cross so he could erase their memories.

 Zero came from a family of vampire hunters. When he was young, a bad vampire killed his parents. Ever since then Zero has hated vamps. After holding back his true form for four years, Zero's body couldn't take it anymore. Zero had a secret of his own, he was bit by a vampire. Pureblood vampires can turn humans into vamps! 
By Tori-San