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Vampire Knight #5

Ichiru(Zero’s twin brother) had been living with the enemy! Ichiru had secretly hated his brother, and wanted him to suffer!

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Vampire Knight #4

  Maria Kurenai is just a borrowed body…..

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Vampire Knight #3

Kaname hasn’t been acting like himself lately, maybe it’s because he knows that Yuki’s been offering her blood to someone else…

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Vampire Knight #2

   The blood tablets aren’t working for Zero, they make him feel sick. He’s thirsting for Yuki’s blood!

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Vampire Knight #1

    Along, long time ago, a war had waged between vampires and humans. Some of them still don’t get a long to this day. But Headmaster Cross believes that there can be peace between vampires and humans. He had Cross Academy built, a school which is attended by two different groups of students. There’s the Day Class which consists of humans and the Night Class that consists of vampires.

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