An alien spaceship crashed into Tokyo Bay and cannot return home. So the aliens become Japanese citizens and begin a home-stay program. They are given the name “Dears,” meaning “beloved friend.”

Takeya Ikuhara was walking down the street and found a homeless Dears. He decides to take her in and she is eventually given a name. Ren tries her best to learn and fit in.
Ren thinks that Takeya is her Master. Dears live to serve, without a Master Dears don't know what to do. So Ren calls Takeya Master anyway.

Along the way Takeya meets other Dears and learns that Ren is a Zero Number.
A Zero Number is a defect, and defects are to be recalled. That means no more Ren. Takeya is determined to fight for Ren's freedom, as she is now apart of his family. Life wouldn't be the same without her.
By Tori-San