Three little Cupids are in training...Each one has a special ability... Cupid Ai gets couples to write each other love letters, Cupid Koi uses a bow and arrow to make couples fall in love, and Cupid Ren has special scissors.





   The Cupids in training can't go back home to the heavenly world until they have completed their missions. If their mission is completed they receive a stamp. The Cupids must collect as many stamps as they can to become full fledge Cupids. After you're a full fledged Cupid, you can take training to become an Angel.

   Cupid Ren wants to be a full fledged Angel and assist Arch Angel Gabriel. Cupid Koi wants to be a full fledged Guardian Angel that fights against demons. And Cupid Ai wants to be a full fledged Cupid that continues to help people fall in love.

     When Cupid Ai tries to befriend a demon, she ends up getting her self into trouble. Ai becomes weak after trying to hide her demon friend from the Angels. Who will save her, her demon friend or the Angels?  
    By Tori-San