Everything sucks! Ramona’s gone, most likely to be with the most evil of her ex-boyfriends: Gideon Graves. Scott needs to prepare for the final battle, but he’s an emotional wreck barely able to get out of bed, let alone train. Scott must face his innermost self before he can hope to fight on, and even then his chances of defeating Gideon are slim. With the boss fight of his life looming over-head, this is Scott’s last chance to prove himself.

The final installment of the Scott Pilgrim series, volume six was spectacular! There was a great deal of character progression, and the story developed nicely. There weren’t as many fight scenes as in the other volumes, but the final battle was terrific, some of it even took place in sub-space! This was an all around solid manga series that I plan on reading many times over. For anyone that has read the first book, I recommend buying the rest now as you’ll just end up needing them later!