“I, Scott Pilgrim will be the best 24-year-old…ever!” Scott has a job, lives with his awesome girlfriend Ramona Flowers, and only has three evil exes left to defeat! Unfortunately, this happiness is short-lived and his world begins crashing down around him. Ramona discovers Scott’s secret involving Knives Chau, his band Sex Bob-Omb is on its last legs, and some creepy Japanese twins keep attacking him with giant robots! With the final level so close, Scott has tried his damnedest to keep everything from falling apart!

While volume five is definitely not as happy-go-lucky as the last four mangas, it still has a nice balance of comedy and realism. There are more relationship issues between Scott and Ramona, while the reasons for their fighting are understandable; Ramona does come across as a hypocrite. This book was still great though, with plenty of cool fight scenes, comedy and an intriguing storyline to give it definite re-reading value (which is important in the judgment of a series’ likability).