Ever get the feeling that something is horribly wrong? Well Scott sure doesn’t! While his actions may bring destruction and chaos down on those around him, our hero lives in the sweet, blissful realm of ignorance. In volume two of the Scott Pilgrim series, Scott’s relationships “overlap” a little and while he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, manning up just isn’t his strong suit. As if this weren’t trouble enough, more of Ramona’s evil exes start popping up and if Scott wants to keep her, he has to win every fight. It’s too late to abandon the quest now!

Once again, another good Scott Pilgrim manga, I’m beginning to see some sort of pattern! The witty banter, the creative character designs (personalities and image), and interesting plot twists make this volume a great addition to the series. And it also comes with a recipe for vegan shepherd’s pie! Not that I’d ever eat it though, what’s the point of something tasting like meat if nothing died in the process? This was a great read, and at no point was it ever dis-interesting. I highly recommend purchasing it.