After being beaten in a battle, Hokuto has suddenly disappeared from the hospital…

Tsukune Aono is in big trouble! Mizore introduced Tsukune as her boyfriend to her mother. So Mizore’s mother assumed that they would be getting married soon. Next Kurumu introduced her mom. She happen to tell her mom that Tsukune is her fiance. Both of the girl’s mothers wanted Tsukune to meet them while having dinner. But Moka had asked Tsukune to go to the festival with her first. How can Tsukune make it to all three dates in the same night?

Tsukune Aono’s cousin, Kyoko decided to come visit him at school. She has no idea that he’s attending a school for monsters. Kyoko’s very suspicious of the school. She came to the conclusion that Tsukune is attending a school for perverts, like in the mangas and he’s joined the Yakuza.

Kyoko was suppose to drop off an envelope at Monster High. The envelope summond a monster from underground. How is Tsukune going to explain to his cousin that he’s attending a ¬†school for monsters? If Kyoko finds out, she’ll demand that Tsukune returns home!

By Tori-San