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Mafia II PS3/Xbox 360

The best way I can summarize Mafia II would be to call it an upgraded version of the Godfather video game, which managed to avoid the disasters of the Godfather II. Continue reading

Rosario+Vampire #10

Kyoko discovers a magic mirror. Inside the mirror is Lilith, an Artifact Spirit. Once she grants you a wish, she devours your soul! This mirror can show a monster’s “true form” and make them act on their desires. Sounds like trouble!

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Rosario+Vampire #9

After being beaten in a battle, Hokuto has suddenly disappeared from the hospital…

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Rosario+Vampire #8

Tsukune was forced to join the student council by the Head Master. There is a Monstrel among them and Head Master wants to know who. Tsukune never would have guessed that someone he looks up to would be involved.

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Rosario+Vampire #7

Mako Yukumaru is controlling Moka. She wants Tsukune dead; revenge for beating the Monstrels!

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