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Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour vol 6

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“I, Scott Pilgrim will be the best 24-year-old…ever!” Continue reading

Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together vol 4

“Maybe you should get a job…” Continue reading

Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness vol 3

BEWARE OF THE VEGAN! No seriously, he’ll kill you into next Sunday. Continue reading

Scott Pilgrim vs the World vol 2

Ever get the feeling that something is horribly wrong? Well Scott sure doesn’t! Continue reading

Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life vol.1

Things are pretty sweet for Scott Pilgrim. Continue reading

Crysis 2 PS3/Xbox 360

Crysis 2 reminds me of a calm and relaxing boat ride, in which halfway through you fall down a waterfall made of razorblades. Continue reading

Mafia II PS3/Xbox 360

The best way I can summarize Mafia II would be to call it an upgraded version of the Godfather video game, which managed to avoid the disasters of the Godfather II. Continue reading

Rosario+Vampire #10

Kyoko discovers a magic mirror. Inside the mirror is Lilith, an Artifact Spirit. Once she grants you a wish, she devours your soul! This mirror can show a monster’s “true form” and make them act on their desires. Sounds like trouble!

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Rosario+Vampire #9

After being beaten in a battle, Hokuto has suddenly disappeared from the hospital…

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