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Moon Phase (Volume 1-6)

“Beauty is the beast…”

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Rosario+Vampire #5

Moka contiues to battle the witch. The witch made the Garigari’s squish together  and become one with her. She was now a giant Garigari with at least six heads! She is so powerful. Eventually the witch caught Moka and started sucking out her vampire powers, for her own. Before she had a chance to finish Moka off, Ruby stepped in and sacrificed herself to save her news friends. The Garigari devoured her. This made Moka more determind to beat the beast!  Moka grabbed Ruby’s broken wand and stabbed it in the witches source of power, her book of spells. This destroyed the witch and in return she spared Ruby’s life.

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Rosario+Vampire #4

All school clubs have summer activities, so Ms. Nekonome is taking her class to the human world; to do investigative reporting.  When they got to the human world, the bus driver dropped the students off in a field full of sun flowers with a haunted forrest near  by. The bus driver took off with the teacher to get some lunch.

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Rosario+Vampire #3

The Committee is bound by law to kill any human that sees or trespasses on to Monster High…

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Rosario+Vampire #2

Yukari Sendo is 11 years old, she’s a witch and a genius. She doesn’t fit in at Monster High, nobody likes her  because she’s always playing nasty tricks on people. Yukari gets picked on a lot, especially by the class  president.
One day Moka saved her from the class president, Lizard Man. Now Yukari doesn’t have to be alone. She has  two new friends, Moka and Tsukune.

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Chobits (Volume 1-7)

Imagine living in a world with computers that can be designed to look like toys, animals or even people.  They are called Persocoms. A poor boy named Hideki Motosuwa stumbles across a Persocom that he finds in the trash. When her new owner turns her on for the first time, Chi does not work properly. She has no memory. Without her operating system, Chi should not be able to be as aware as she acts. Hedeki teaches Chi to talk, cook, work and dress. He eventually discovers that Chi is a special Persocom, a Chobits.

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Rosario+Vampire #1

Can you imagine what it would be like to be the only human student  at a monster school? Tsukune Aono can. It’s hard being different especially when no one knows that you’re different; except for your hot friend Moka Akashiya(who happens to be a vampire) that enjoys sucking your blood.

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Hello world!

This is our very first post!